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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Fayetteville, PA USA
Spouse/Partner: Helene J. Connors
Homepage: View Website
Occupation: Retired Healthcare IT Executive; Now Adjunct Professor, Penn State University, Mont Alto (Management and Information Systems Analysis/Design)
Children: Son, Andrew, Age 35, Attorney, Connors Brenke Law, Blacksburg, VA and Fredericksburg, VA
Son, Patrick, More…Age 23, Wegmans, Sterling, VA
Grandson, Jefferson Paul Connors, Age 7, Blacksburg, VA
Grandson, Harrison Connors, Age 2 years,Blacksburg,VA
Military Service: Navy  

After graduating from IHS in June 1974, I earned a BA in Psychology, Cum Laude, from SUNY Albany in 1978. I then studied Hospital Administration at The George Washington University, and graduated with an MHA in 1980. As part of my studies, I completed a year long administrative residency at N. Miami General Hospital, Florida, under the preceptorship of Robert O. Bruce, FACHE.

I accepted a commission from the President as a Navy Medical Service Corps Officer in 1980, and over the next 20 years served in a variety of progressively responsible healthcare administrawtion positions at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia; Office of Medical Affairs, Great Lakes, IL; the Navy Surgeons General's staff, Washington, DC; Naval Hospital, Rota, Spain; Naval Hospital, 29 Palms, CA,; and Naval Medical Information Management Center, Bethesda, MD.

At the age of 43, just prior to my retirement, I went back to school and earned a second Masters, this time in Information Systems Technology, from The George Washington University. No, they did not give me a discount on my second degree from that school!

In 2000 I retired from the United States Navy as a Commander (05). I accepted a contract position leading the design, development, testing, deployment, and sustainment of a credentials system for the Military Health System. Shortly thereafter, I was selected for a GS position and was a Program Manager for all Credentials, Quality Assurance, and Patient Safety Reporting solutions for military medicine.

In 2004 I formed my own company, E-Health Designs, LLC, and provided requirements management and cost estimating services for AHLTA, DoD's Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Several years later I was recruited by the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Center (TATRC) to oversee a portfolio of Congressional Special Interest and Small Business Innovative Research projects which are researching emerging and enabling clinical informatics technologies. I continued to serve in this capacity as an Executive Health Manager at the Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, on contract to TATRC, although I left for 8 months to proceed business development efforts with a small software integrator, then returned to TATRC to oversee a portfolio of emerging health IT projects funded by federal sources, and collaborate with the leaders in health IT in government, industry, and academia. I was also a prolific Small Business Innovative Research topic writer for the Department of Defense (Health Affairs). My topics involved advanced concept demonstrations and prototypes or other risk mitigation activities, in advance of DOD's $11 Billion dollar Electronic Health Record procurement (which was awarded in July 2015 to Leidos, Acceture, Cerner). In January 2015 I left TATRC again as I was recruited as an advance hire by NiyamIT, Inc, a member of the IBM/Epic team for the DOD EHR procurement. Upon IBM//Epic's loss to Leidos/Accenture/Cerner, I was fortunate again to return to TATRC on contract, where I write emerging health IT research/prototype proposals to bring funding into our self-funded government lab.

Along the way, I was married, divorced, and had two sons. Andrew graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Applied Mathematics. After a stint in software development at Sapient Corporation, and working for a private attorney in Ashburn, VA, he graduated with honors from Liberty University Law School in Lynchburg, VA. He won the 3rd year Moot Court Championship and was Managing Editor of the Law Review. He clerked for Judge Petty for the VA State Court of Appeals for 2 years upon graduation, and then started practicing law at Creekmore Law, and recently formed his own practice, Connors Law, which specializes in business law and intellectual property. He was recently voted a Virginia SuperLawyer Rising Star for Appeals and gained some recent press defending a Hookah Bar near Virginia Tech. Patrick graduated Broad Run High School, and attended New River Community College in Dublin, VA. and NOVA Community College. At 16 he flew a Cessna SkyHawk from Leesburg, VA to Winchester, VA with a real pilot onboard. He currently works at Wegmans in Sterling, VA

I reside in Ashburn, VA, with my spouse, Helene (Judy). We are trying to stay active and keep our weight down! Healthwise, I am in fair shape. I put on a lot of weight since my military retirement, and had a stent put in my heart at age 49, but I'm still kicking. We enjoy going to concerts at Wolftrap National Park (just saw Crosby, Stills, Nash), and have tickets to Leon Russell in August at the Tally Ho in Leesburg. I also enjoyed listening to Boz Skaggs, Steely Dan, and Michael Franks at local venues in the past ten years. I anticipate retiring in 1-2 years and move to a new home we have constructed at Penn National Golf Course, Fayetteville, PA.

I have developed a passion for fly fishing and would love to discuss it with any interested parties. On a recent trip to the Platte River, Wyoming, my three colleagues and I caught and released 120 rainbow trout in 3 days. I also hiked into the Gunnison Gorge, Colorado, and floated 3 days on a fantastic fly fishing trip. My last major fishing trip was to Mary's Island in the Saint Lawrence River.

School Story:

Earl Cassorla's famous high school prank at the end of 1974. Details omitted to protect the guilty and all colluders.

Attending Party Time at Titus Tavern! (07/19/19)


Attending Rochester Yacht Club (07/20/19)


Attending Tour of West Irondequoit High School (07/20/19)


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With Michael Groover, Paula Deen's husband, at Hemingway Contest, Key West, FL.
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With Paula Deen at Hemingway Contest, Key West, FL.
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My deepest sympathies to Steve and the extended Cassorla family.  Earl was a good friend in high school and we attended many of the same advanced math and sciences classes. I hung out with him more often in our senior year, and recall going into Durand Eastman park to party.

The summer of 1974, Earl travelled to RPI for college and I enrolled at SUNY Albany.  Several times I rode my bike from Albany to Troy, NY to see him and pull some pranks.  I can recall one where he had rigged a can of shaving cream on long pole and knocked on a dorm window from the outside.  When the student opened the window he/she was in for a surprise. 

Earl also claimed to have hung a desk out a window in an RPI dorm that was connected by a rope to an internal door knob.  He then said he had removed the hinges from the door so that it was held only by its latch, and when the student opened the door from the outside, the door flew towards the window due to the weight of the desk.  (I never saw that one, so I can't validate it is true). 

I can attest to Earl's "re-engineering" of a public phone so we could make free calls to time and temperature in Alaska, and someone in Paris, France.  I convinced him to drop some money back in the box after that antic.  He had learned this skill in high school after writing Ma Bell and convincing them to send him detailed engineering diagrams of the public phone hardware.  One day he was called to the Principle's office where phone company investigators asked him why he needed the engineering diagrams, and he told them he was performing a science fair project.

Of course, none of these pranks were on par with the one he pulled on the last day of high school...which involved re-wiring the PA system so he could control it to play in each classroom, except the Principle's Office.  How he got into the school at night is a separate story in itself.  There was a loud bang outside of Dean Glascow's office (I presume it was fire crackers), followed by an announcement:  "This is James Friedman of the Civil Defense....there has been a small explosion in the boiler room...please evacuate the building." 

In any event, I was glad to see that Earl channeled his passion for explosions into a legitimate and successful business, Roller Coaster Fireworks, in Battle Mountain, Nevada.  (See:  Boomtown Video at 

In summary, Earl was one of a kind.  He left us too early.  He always put a smile on my face, and I can never recall laughing louder at some of his antics.  At the same time, he was very intellectual and well educated, and I respected his ability to turn his dreams into reality. 

I last saw him at the 40th IHS high school reunion, where he gave me some free samples of his Roller Coaster fireworks products, which I tested legally in VA.  (I also heard that he also ignited some of those fireworks at Silk O'Laughlins and the Irondequoit Police had responded, looking for some young kids who were causing trouble.).  Earl invited me to stop by his store anytime.  A few years later I was in Las Vegas at a convention, and sincerely thought about driving to Battle Mountain, but did not.  I sincerely regret that decision not to visit him again.  I was also hoping that he would show up at this year's 45th reunion so I could continue our friendship in person.  I can only wonder what jokes he has up his sleeve in heaven.

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Apr 30, 2019 at 4:49 AM

Earl: It is difficult to believe you passed on....I enjoyed our times at IHS and visiting you while you were at RPI and I was at SUNY. I can't recall a person in my whole life who made me laugh as hard as you did....your high school prank was legendary and took great engineering skill...and I was very glad to see you turn your passion into a successful business. There will be a special place for you in heaven....knowing you, you may have already fabricated the keys to the gates and have a number of pranks underway up condolences to Steve and the the rest of your family. Bob Connors and all of the Connors brothers send....

Apr 28, 2019 at 7:07 AM

Tom: hope all is well. Just heard that Earl Cassorla died in an auto accident a few days ago. May he RIP.

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Apr 21, 2019 at 10:18 PM

Welcome Alison! As I recall, you went to Iroquois and lived on Van Voorhis fairly close to Bryan Bailey....I used to deliver newspapers in the Flats. Hope to see you at the 45th reunion! By the way, my son, Andrew is a lawyer and has offices in Blacksburg, VA and Fredericksburg, VA...Connors and Brenke.

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With Michael Groover, Paula Deen's husband, at Hemingway Contest, Key West, FL.
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With Paula Deen at Hemingway Contest, Key West, FL.
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