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03/29/11 01:41 PM #22    

Barbara Crugnale (Fox)

Being a grandaprent is the best  thing life has to offer!

08/26/11 02:42 AM #23    

Karen Larker (Bovenzi)

I missed the reunion way back, but I'm really enjoyng the website. Thanks Barb for all your hard work. Any chance we could do mini reunions at O's so we wouldn't have to wait another five years all the time?


10/09/11 10:14 AM #24    

Michael Travers

Who would have thought that I would be the father of 6 (2 step) and grandfather of 5 at only 56 years young. Life is Great!

01/09/14 05:09 PM #25    

Barbara Crugnale (Fox)

Hey I am really looking forward to the next reunion and to seeing everyone again.

Michael Travers I have you beat 7 kids now 4 step and 6 grandkids 4 step - lol

07/21/14 08:35 AM #26    

Holly Foertsch

Hope to see lots of classmates at O'lies as I cannot attend Saturday. I want to talk about how everyone is negotiating the retirement phase! Many thanks Barb for this site and your care for our class. I enjoy keeping up with the class on this virtual reunion site.

07/22/14 06:10 PM #27    

David Storey

You're not going to be there Saturday??? That's the only reason I'm coming to this!  Just to see you after 20 years!   dms


07/23/14 01:41 PM #28    

Holly Foertsch

OMG David Storey! I just checked out your page and thought ****hope he will be there Friday night*********  AHHHHH.... What time will you be there Saturday AND will your son be with you? He's a doll.  : )  I may have to show up on Saturday......

07/23/14 06:01 PM #29    

Nancy David

Holly and David, I hope you both can make it. Looking forward to catching up after 20 years.

07/24/14 08:24 AM #30    


Susan Cole (Rowe)

I am not going to be able to make it either....hopefully in 10 years I can see you at 50? or 45 in 5?

Sounds like it will be like 'old' times with all that are coming... will be there in spirit...Sue

07/24/14 02:15 PM #31    

Donna Nielsen (Murphy)

Sorry you won't be there, Sue.

I'll be there both Friday and Saturday, and look forward to seeing Dave, Holly, Nancy, Lorri, Eleanor, and so many others!

07/25/14 06:53 AM #32    

Matthew Tomlinson

I hope everyone has a blast!

I actually thought of trying to make this since it has been 20 years since my last.

Things/life did not align making it impossible for me to break away.


07/26/14 09:59 AM #33    

Jeanne Deignan (O'Neil)

Got a facebook message this morning from my nephew (Jim Deignan, IHS class 1998)..he and his wife accidentially "attended" my reunion last night at O'lies!  He said that they got there about 11:30pm and that everyone was having a great time.  Also, wants one of those sweatshirts!!!!  Have fun today !

07/26/14 12:31 PM #34    

Deborah Pata (Magar)

Had fun last night...a little too much fun. It was great seeing my classmates. Hope to see more todsy.

07/27/14 10:46 PM #35    

Debbie Lewis (Gorski)

I wish I could have been there this weekend. I missed seeing all of you. Perhaps a rerun in 5 years? The reunion sounded like a great time of reconnection.

Deb Lewis (Gorski)



07/27/14 11:23 PM #36    

David Storey

Hey all y'all it was great seeing you n reconnecting. Great to be alive 40 years later! Thanks to Barb and everyone that helped set it up!

07/28/14 05:14 AM #37    


Catherine Evans (Urban)

Many many thanks to Barb and the reunion committee for an excellent weekend. I'm sad that the reunion is over and it will be five long years until we all meet again!  

07/28/14 08:54 PM #38    


Susan Braun (Horstmann)

Photos from the 40th!  Thank you Barb and committee - you did a great job, everyone had a blast.

07/28/14 09:23 PM #39    


Mary Beth Bauerschmidt (Verget)

Many thanks to Barb, the reunion committee and all my former classmates who made this past weekend so special.  I'm sad, also, that it is all over as I looked forward to it for so long.  Many more wonderful memories were made.   Can't wait for the next time we can all be together!   Great class with great people - that's how I'll always remember the Class of '74!

07/28/14 09:25 PM #40    


Susan Braun (Horstmann)


07/29/14 07:38 PM #41    

Frank J Lepiane

Thanks again to Barb and the committee... great job yes ...And highly decent to see you all Friday & Saturday.

To the friends I spoke to about a  book that helped me thru some issues... its Pain Free by Pete Egosque. Chronic, repetitive motion, prolonged desk time, slipping on ice/snow/rain ( I remember!)... this book beats chiro, accupuncture, and deep massage with really easy and simple methods. Really a  potential life changer.

To the few Neo-con friends... Wish there was more time to talk about history & facts with you frown. Or not!

To the friends who didn't get bitten, you owe me, the 'O+' mosquito magnet!

And best of luck to all of you and your families... keep it going.








06/15/15 01:33 PM #42    

Daniel Beagley

Iroquois Middle School - Circa 1968. Here's an old photo that I found recently. Folks that I can readily identify (my apologies for any misspellings): Bob Connors, Meg Evans, Holly Foertsch, Bonnie Culver, Donna Nielsen, Steve Michaels, Jim Leth, Pat Humphlett, Jonna Heinrich.




06/16/15 07:32 AM #43    

William Streb

Wow!  Much better than I could do.  I lived "near" Steve Michaels, Jim Leth and Meg Evans.  For some reason I was thinking that you and Holly would have gone to Rogers, next to the high school based on where you lived.  Fuzzy memory.

06/16/15 11:23 AM #44    

Holly Foertsch

Hi Bill. Dan and I went to Pinegrove and our class was split up between Dake (south of Pinegrove) and Iroquois (north of Pinegrove).

06/17/15 09:44 AM #45    

William Streb

Hello Holly.  Drake!  That's the school I was thinking of, not Rogers.  Thanks for the clearer memory.

06/17/15 11:21 AM #46    

Daniel Beagley

Yep, I think Holly nailed that one. smiley

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